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We specialize in 5-6 year outdoor durable lettering and signs. Our strategy is to sell lettering
by the line not the letter. This allows customers to get a better value while making it less
confusing when ordering online.

Meet Ray (left). He is a second generation sign maker, following in the footsteps of his
grandfather Frank. His grandfather hand painted signs for local businesses for over 30
years. Pictured below is Franks hand painted banner for Rays 8th grade graduation in 1980.

Today we use all of the latest computer software and sign making equipment to create signs
that are both long lasting and affordable. Our website is easy to use with no complex design
tools for customers to deal with. Leave the complex setup work to us!
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Back before the year 2000 Ray was a amateur meteorologist. He would annually follow storms up and down the great plains. Before his trips he would
purchase 2" tall "STORM CHASER" stickers for his truck. Shops would charge him between $40 - $60 per set of two. After 3 years of purchasing them
locally he decided to look into the costs of running his own lettering. He invested in the equipment in 2002 and started in 2003.
15 years and 17,000 online orders later sells the same 2" tall lettering that Ray bought for over $40 for just $9.95.
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Affordable self adhesive vinyl lettering for cars, trucks, windows, walls & more... 5-6 year outdoor durable letters and numbers

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