Vinyl car and truck lettering
Vinyl lettering colors
two line magnetic sign
  • 27 characters per line max.
  • Most orders ship in 3-5 business days
  • Your choice of font,  text color, & size
  • Both sizes are just $34.95  for a set of two
  • Signs are made in house (no drop shipping)
Two Line Magnets  $34.95 for a set of two
Magnet Size
Text Color
Line 1 Text:
Line 2 Text:
vinyl lettering options
18 x 6 magnet
30 mil High Quality Magnetic Media - Two Sizes to Choose from 18x6 24x8 Get a set of two with two lines of text for $34.95 - 100% Secure Checkout - Buy Online 24/7
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L e t t e r i n g    A m e r i c a   O n e   L i n e   a t   a   T i m e
Our vinyl lettering is available in 15 colors and 28 different styles of text (fonts). Choose yours in the order form above.
arial font
arial black font
avant g bold italic font
arial rounded mt bold font
britannic bold font
calligrapher regular font
cheltenham font
comic sans ms font
cooper_black font
flash font
franciscan regular font
hemi head 426 font
impact font
hobo font
jester regular font
market regular font
Mead bold font
old century regular font
revue font
rockwell condensed font
stone sans bolditalic font
vario bold font
Don't see the font your looking for?
Give us a call or email and we may be able to get you the one you need
brush font
cushing bold italic font
victorian let font
monotype corsiva font
playbill font
arial narrow bold font