USDOT Lettering Application Instructions
Your USDOT letters and numbers are shipped pre-spaced
There is no need to line up individual letters. We do it for you!
Follow these instructions to install your USDOT vinyl stickers
For more detailed instructions use the link at the bottom of this page
  • Clean the surface where you will be applying your lettering. We use a 70% denatured alcohol.
  • Peel the application tape of off the paper backing. Peel slowly to make sure the lettering comes off
    with the tape.
  • Apply the lettering by running squeegee (or credit card) across the tape from one side to the other.
    Make sure to apply pressure over all of the lettering to insure proper adhesion.
  • Remove the tape slowly making sure all of the lettering stays down. If the lettering comes up with the
    tape simply lay the tape back down and re-squeegee.
The ideal temperature range for installing your graphics is 40-90 degrees F
If the temperature is below 40 degrees F simply heat the surface the lettering is being applied to with a blow drier and work in the sun
If the surface temperature is above 90 degrees F simply cool the surface with cold water and work in the shade
For more DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS including our alignment trick
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